Visas are usually required for each country you visit. Visa requirements change regularly therefore it is necessary to check with the embassies of each country you are visiting to see if a visa is required for your country of origin/nationality. Some visas you have to apply for in advance and can take up to 4 weeks, others can be obtained at the country border.

But fear not, this is another benefit of working with TIA Safaris. We will direct you, as appropriate, to ensure you have the correct visa.

To apply for a visa it can be necessary to have a valid passport with less than 6 months expiry and 2 blank pages.

There is an associated Visa fee not included in the TIA Safari quote.

Botswana Visas

Kenya Visas

Madagascar Visas for USA Citizens

Namibia Visas

South Africa Visas

Tanzania Visas

Zambia Visas

Zimbabwe Visas

The Visa links above may be of general use but due to the multiple variables required to obtain a visa be sure to double check with TIA Safaris when planning your trip.

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