What Do We Do About Money?

Cash is accessible in most places we will go so it is not necessary to arrive with your whole trip’s worth of cash in the various currencies. . We suggest you bring American dollars as they are currently the easiest medium of exchange. Many stores, restaurants, and lodges accept American dollars. Most Bureau de Changes and banks will also take Euros and English pounds. it is important to have at least some local currency on hand. You can get local currency from an ATM at the airport upon arrival. If you need additional cash let your guide or driver know and we can organise it.
Credit Cards are accepted at most stores, curio shops, and restaurants. Visa cards are most widely accepted followed by Mastercard. Other cards may not be as widely accepted.

Traveler’s checks, while safest, are problematic as most places we patronize will not take traveller’s checks. We would need to take time at banks and there is usually a fee attached.


The short answer is YES! Where, when and to whom is dependant on the safari, the lodge and transportation. Mat Dry will advise you before your trip what is usually expected. Remember you are travelling in poor places and your small tip feeds not only the person receiving it but probably an extended family. Generally it is appropriate to tip your driver and the person carrying your bags. Most lodges have a “Tip Box” so that tips can be shared with all the staff.

How Much Cash Should I Bring?

Based on a 2 week trip, TIA Safaris recommends bringing about $400USD per person. Please bring at least $40 in $1USD notes for tipping as these are like gold and no one ever has any change. Please ensure that your bills are NOT older than 2006 and are in good condition.

Currency Rates

Listed below are monies (and common products to demonstrate prices) from various countries equivalent to 1 US Dollar as of May 22, 2024 (currency exchange and prices do fluctuate by day and place)
South African Rand: $1 = 18.32 Rand
Beer: 30 Rand
Toilet paper: 7 Rand
Pillow: 65 Rand
Namibian Dollar: $1 USD = 18.29 Namibian Dollars
Beer: 25 N$, Toilet paper: 47 N$, Pillow: 50 N$
Botswanan Pula: $1 = 13.53 Pula
Beer: 15 Pula, Toilet paper: 6 Pula, Pillow: 70 Pula
Zimbabwe: $1 = 322 ZWL (Zimbabwe uses American Dollars, Rand, British Pounds, and Euros)
Beer: 1 USD, Toilet paper: 0.33 USD, Pillow: $5 USD

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