The most important items to ensure you bring are your passport and necessary visas. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and has a couple of blank pages.
It is important to recognize that you can buy most things you may forget to pack in Africa (they may not have your favorite brand) so don’t stress too much. Bring your electronics as they are usually significantly more expensive in Africa.

Depending upon your safari, there may be luggage size and weight restrictions to accommodate small planes. Check with TIA Safaris for trip specific packing details.

Generally, items to pack include:
• Layered clothes as per your preference. Plan on going from 50F to 90F during a day. We usually have an opportunity to get your clothes washed every 3 days or so.
• At least one set of warm clothes. (It can get quite chilly)
• Rain jacket or poncho
• Sports bras (for bumpy roads)
• Shoes suitable for walking, hiking, and trekking
• Shoes to wear at the lodge or incase your other shoes are wet
• For the Okavango Delta, YOU NEED CLOSED SHOES, LONG PANTS for hikes and NEUTRAL colored clothes like BEIGE, BROWN, FOREST GREEN,
• Cosmetics including sunscreen
• Your prescription and non medications (pain killers, antibiotic creams, antihistamines etc.)
• Flashlight/headlamp
• Universal adapter to charge your electronics.
• Insect repellent
• Entertainment for long drives and down time like books, iPods, board games, cards, etc.
• Alarm clock/time piece
• Sunglasses
• Sun hat
• Binoculars (optional)
• Sense of adventure (humour optional)