Mat Dry

Mat Dry, our founder, went on safari around 2001, fell in love with the continent so gave up a promising career as a pro tennis player and moved to South Africa to train as a safari guide. He then worked as a safari guide for an overlanding company for over 10 years taking large groups of people traveling and camping all over central and southern Africa. Mat began TIA Safaris to offer a different type of safari experience.

My objective is to share the wonder and beauty of Africa. Africa is a place that changes people for the better and supplying lifelong memories to cherish to their dying days. The more people fall in love with Africa, the more they want to return and by doing so help sustain Africa’s future. Africa’s wild places have an uncertain future and as long as people are coming to Africa to experience them they will endure so that our children’s children will also be able to love and cherish them.

Mat Dry is an author of 2 very humorous books about becoming a safari guide and the daily adventures and challenges of working in Africa. These books are available from Amazon and at your local book store.