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A minimum of 5% of proceeds goes to African Wildlife Foundation.

“Conserving Wildlife, Protecting Lands, and Empowering People”

Have you ever wanted to travel Africa AND be a beneficial part of a local project during your trip?

TIA Safaris has developed a program dedicated to bringing conscientious and curious students and travelers to Africa. You will do two weeks of safari-ing across Africa and a week of volunteering in some of Africa’s most cherished hot spots including Victoria Falls!

This program is designed for students, teachers, and travelers to learn about and intimately experience Africa. We journey to some of her most treasured places combining fun, learning, conservation, and civic-mindedness in one great adventure!
Our aim is simple, two-fold and hugely impacting! Firstly, we aim to help Africa with the support of tourism, volunteering within communities, and building future interest in the continent. Secondly, we wish to bring knowledge, beauty, wonder, and adventure to all those who join us in Safarinteering!

The summer adventures begin in Johannesburg, South Africa and finish in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:

Our daily adventures are accompanied by presentations, lectures, and information regarding the places, people, and things we see and experience…

South Africa:
1. Sterkfontein Caves – Presentations on the History of South Africa and the African Continent
2. Kruger National Park – Fully Guided Game Drives with emphasis on flora and fauna, animal behavior, ecology and conservation
3. Blyde River Canyon and the Panoramic Route – Presentations on the geology, flora and fauna, and endemic species of South Africa
4. Musina Hot Springs – Presentations on Zimbabwe’s history

5. Masvingo Great Zimbabwe Ruins – Guided tour of the Ruins
6. Antelope Park – Presentations on the conservation of lions and other African species
7. Bulawayo – Presentations on the History of the this town and and Zambabwean conservatio efforts
8. Matopos National Park – Fully Guided tour of Matopos
9. Victoria Falls –Guided tour of Victoria Falls

10. Chobe National Park – Fully Guided Boat and Game drives in Chobe with emphasis on flora and fauna, animal behavior, ecology, and conservation.

Volunteering, Victoria Falls:

Volunteering in the home of one of the Natural Wonders of the World is an unforgettable opportunity…

The daily experience includes:
1. Staying in the National Park and on the banks of the Zambezi River, with hippo, elephant and bushbuck as neighbours
2. Assisting in collecting vital research data on Africa’s most iconic species
3. Being a part of the daily operations in two of Africa’s most beautiful national Parks
4. Helping educate local communities on the importance of sound, holistic conservation
5. Immersing yourself in local Zimbabwean culture
6. Making a positive impact in the lives of orphaned and abused children
7. Getting involved with fun sporting activities and teaching assistance at the local school
8. Helping create sustainable initiatives for the disadvantaged community
9. Playing a role in the conservation efforts in the Victoria Falls area through conservation education

Travel Dates for Summer:

June 8 – June 28 Joburg to Victoria Falls
June 22 – July 12 Joburg to Victoria Falls
July 6 – July 26 Joburg to Victoria Falls
July 20 – August 9 Joburg to Victoria Falls

Pricing for Summer**:
Camping + Volunteer Program = $3150.00 per/person
Lodging + Volunteer Program = $3550.00 per/person

* Prices based on a minimum of 15 participants
** Flights not included

TIA SAFARIS and MAT DRY have specialized in group travel in East and Southern Africa for over six years…

“I have worked in the travel industry in Africa for nearly 20 years and in that time I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truly incredible guides – both African guides and foreigners. Mat Dry stands out from the rest…I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending him to anyone considering a safari to Africa, your holiday will be enriched in many ways from his presence!”
– Leanne Haigh, manager Peaks and Safaris, Arusha, Tanzania

“We had such an amazing trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe with TIA Safaris. Everything was organised for us and our guide Mat was simply amazing. He was ultra knowledgeable about all the wildlife and passed on his passion to us. Our trip was one of a lifetime and truly unforgettable.”
– Carolyn Pickering, London, England

“Mat Dry is an excellent presenter. I have had the privilege of having him come into my classroom on two different occasions. Mr. Dry provided a very informative and an academically appropriate presentation to these advanced learners. I would strongly recommend Mat Dry as a guest speaker and presenter.”
– Julie Cieniawski Gifted Specialist, social studies, grades 6-8, Scottsdale, AZ

“Matt’s knowledge of Africa and animals is incredible!…we sometimes felt we had Steve Irwin on our truck… I strongly encourage anyone heading to Africa to seek out Matt!”
– Carla, Sydney, Australia

AFRICAN IMPACT has been bringing volunteers to Africa for nearly a decade…

“As a department, we truly appreciate your dedication and hope you recognise, as we do, the valuable role you play in building brighter futures for Zambia’s next generation. Thank you for your continuing support. It is through the positive efforts of organisations like yours that we can change a lifetime for a child in need…”
– Zambian Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development, 2008

“…I’ve definitely learned what a lot of people don’t in their whole lifetime. It was amazing to meet so many kind and loving people of Zimbabwe…Trying to help others, you end up helping yourself without even noticing it…I’m definitely coming back as soon as I can…”
– Gabi Oms, Brazil

“This program was simply amazing, without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever done. The project has made me feel more confident and experienced in my dream to travel the world…”
– Gavin Mc Glone, UK

“The program is so professionally laid out and well structured and it’s definitely making a change for a better world…”
– Anna Lindstrom, Sweden

“It is no exaggeration for me to say that it is the best thing that I have done in my life to date. I can only speak from my experience, but I grew more as a person in the two weeks that I spent in Zimbabwe than I have in years…”
– Daniella Rodrigues, UK

“This experience has been absolutely amazing. The Zimbabwean people have taught me a lot about priorities in life that I think in the west we have forgotten. It has made me realize that I want to take a new direction with my career…”
– Kerry Hunt, UK

A minimum of 5% of proceeds goes to African Wildlife Foundation. 

“Conserving Wildlife, Protecting Lands, and Empowering People”