Choosing a touring company, whether it be for overlanding or short family trips can be a difficult process. There is no shortage of companies out there. At TIA Safaris we make that decision easy for you. TIA combines stellar itineraries, a vast knowledge and love of Africa, and a burning desire to introduce you to Africa in a unique and unforgettable way.

TIA Safaris not only wants you to have a safe, comfortable journey from one destination to another, but also to have an in-depth understanding of those destinations and everything in between them. Everyday you will be privy to the secrets and fascinating details of those people, places, and things that await us on the road.  For those who would like to listen, we will provide you with lectures on the history, geography, taxonomy, geology, and, most especially, the flora and fauna of Africa throughout the trip. No African rock will be left unturned for you to see what is beneath.

The game drives you will have in the National Parks of both East and Southern Africa like Etosha (Namibia), the Serengeti (Tanzania), Lake Nakuru (Kenya), and Chobe (Botswana), are all guided safaris. Each drive will be filled with a wealth of knowledge about your favorite African animals and their environments. There are only a handful of companies, if any, in Africa that can lead you through its wilds and lift the veil of its mysteries like TIA.

More often then not, safari companies will drop their clients at the accommodations and leave them to their own devices. TIA makes sure, that if you are so inclined, and time and setting permits, you can partake in a number of included hikes, night walks, and group entertainment at our destinations.  Travel is as much about sharing what you have experienced with others as the experiences themselves. TIA strives to help create that feeling of camaraderie with these extra activities for all who want to join in.

TIA Safaris is, above all, about making your trip one that is unique, personal, entertaining, and enlightening, bringing you into Africa, and Africa to you in the most enjoyable way possible. We want you to leave Africa like you are leaving a wonderful friend you just met and cannot wait to see once again.